How to Make Money Online without Investment : Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Online Earning Business Model

People work.

People work hard.

People work hard online.

People work hard Online To Make Money.

What you think reading this phrases?


It shows the transition of a work culture till today.

In this work culture, ‘Affiliate Marketing‘ is significantly important for people like you and me.

Online Businesses who offer Affiliate Marketing

Presently ton of online businesses is doing the best with the best of ideas. Affiliate Marketing business model become most popular.

E-Commerce Business like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, eBay

E-learning Businesses like Udemy, DigitalVidya, NIIT

E-Logistic Businesses like AliExpress

E-Food Businesses like Swiggy, Uber

E-Entertainment Business like Netflix …

This few ICE CUBES tell the story about ‘ICEBERG’ of Affiliate Marketing.

Can I become an affiliate marketer without investment?

Every business under the sky needs investment. Off course, smooth journey can’t possible without fuel. This is the condition where you and I were holding our foot back in doing any business. But not now. Here I will tell you how to earn online without investment.

Let’s Start From Scratch.

Nowadays E-Commerce business spread all over the globe, with 42% of total no. of consumers all over the globe. Here you have an opportunity to make money online. Affiliate marketers or Publishers prove their importance by picking up as max as 18% of total E-Commerce business. This business model, affiliate marketing or Publishing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.. Wikipedia says. As simple as if you help to sell the product or service online, you will get a certain share of profit. Affiliate Marketing is nothing but word-of-mouth advertising for the Internet age. This online marketing business needs an online platform and some marketing skills as well. The online platform would be a social media network or a website. The social media platform has certain limitations. So the people in affiliate marketing business prefer to launch their own websites.

Build A Free Website and Become Digital Marketer/Affiliate Marketer.

People attract to a beautifully designed website, which is the best strategy for any kind of online business. Using a variety of Tools, those with an eye for Entrepreneurship and Online Presence can use their sphere of influence to sell product or service using their websites or blogs.  But, for designing a  Website or Blog needs handsome money Don’t worry! I will tell you how to make your beautiful website for absolutely free. So you can launch a website and start an online business as an affiliate marketer. Steps for making free Web Site

1.  Domain Name Registration :

For Domain name registration go to Check the availability of domain name for free. Select and send it to cart. You will get the domain absolutely free for a year.                      After getting the domain name, you have to link this domain with a hosting to publish on the internet. Amazon Web Service (AWS) allows using the basic hosting plan absolutely free for one year.


Here is a Step-by-Step E-Book for you to make your free WEBSITE online.

Remember we are scratching the surface of Digital Platform with this exercise.

To experience the power of digital marketing biz initially, there is nothing better like a free website or blog. You practice as much as possible. This platform allow to earn while you learn. WordPress free plugins, you can say the cherry on the cake. Up to getting a sound knowledge and hands-on practice this mechanism prove better than the best.

But for pursuing Digital Marketing with the crucial approach you must dive into depth.



This book is really cost worthy and will help to succeed SERIOUS AFFILIATES


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